Temporary exhibition

Sophie Lanctôt, Mallarmé, Molinari: CROSSWORDS

from Jun 6, 2024 to Aug 25, 2024
Guido Molinari Foundation

The visual and the textual hybridize in the exhibition Sophie Lanctôt, Mallarmé, Molinari: CROSSWORDS. In her recent work, artist Sophie Lanctôt opens up pictorial space to the subtle presence of textuality. Her questioning of representation and subject is particularly nourished by the poetics of Stéphane Mallarmé, to which she dedicates a series of paintings presented here for the first time.

Mallarmé was also of decisive importance to Guido Molinari, who was himself a poet whose writings have remained little known to the general public. Molinari saw Mallarmé as the founding figure of abstraction. In 2003, he dedicated his latest project to him: a visual transposition of Mallarmé’s typographic poem Un coup de Dés jamais n’abolira le Hasard (1897), a seminal work of modernism. The exhibition’s curating also uncovered a forgotten work by Molinari created from the same poem thirty years earlier: Continuum pour Mallarmé, presented for the first time since its exhibition in 1994.

In her turn, Sophie Lanctôt throws the dice again by creating her own pictorial response to Mallarmé’s great poem, with five oil paintings, including a double painting offering an immersive experience. In so doing, she continues a conversation with Molinari, who encouraged her early career by inviting her to exhibit with him in 1995. Sophie Lanctôt’s challenge is to bring out certain words and motifs that play on the many facets of meaning in Coup de dés. Other quotational pieces come in assonance with prose texts. Between the legible and the visible, the proposal is to offer a space of free association for the eye as it moves between the works.

Taking a transhistorical approach, Sophie Lanctôt, Mallarmé, Molinari: CROSSWORDS stands at the intersection of words and images. Around the inspired and vibrant work of artist Sophie Lanctôt, the exhibition sheds new light on some of Molinari’s works, and makes the Mallarméan voice resonate in its actuality.



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