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From February 23 to December 31 2017

Know-How goal is to show the richness of the heritage and the relevance of these trades for the understanding of our history and our identity, while illustrating the stakes of preservation and transmission of this intangible knowledge. Available within the Museum’s boundaries, but also available on the Internet, the contents want to increase the digital presence of Québec’s heritage by creating a permanent trace of this knowledge, sometimes in the process of disappearing.


We can see at work:

  • Adrien Babin, stonecutter
  • Mathieu Collette, blacksmith
  • Hélène Blouin, handweaver
  • Clodet Beauparlant, basket weaver
  • Daniel Pelletier, watchmaker
  • Gilles St-Pierre, sailboat maker
  • Pascal Plamondon, cooper

Guy Bel, ironworker of art



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